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Shopping in Clitheroe

With mysterious Pendle Hill as the backdrop and the beguiling castle standing proudly, guarding the town, find yourself in Clitheroe. Wander through the undulating high streets, the town clock chiming faintly in the background, and discover the treasures waiting behind each door.

Specialist Shops

Shopping in Clitheroe is a delight. Pavements are filled with people bustling in and out of Clitheroe's plethora of shops that range from a few everyday high street names, to more bespoke shops that have been run for generations by local families.

Designer boutiques, jewellers and captivating gift shops frame the award winning D.Byrnes wine and spirit merchant, Cowman's Famous Sausage Shop and its menu of well over 75 flavours, and the highly admired Platform Gallery, the showcase for contemporary craft in Lancashire. 

Wonder into the very chic Swan Courtyard tucked off the main street or the Market Square to experience the town's unique personality. Uncover Moor Lane, Castle Street, King Street, Wellgate and York Steet too...a shopping labyrinth waiting for you!

Businesses can find out more on the Chamber of Trade Website

SHOP - By Beverley Jones 2010

(Clitheroe is known for its independent shops)

ship-shape posh shop, splish splash splosh shop, nosh shop, fish shop, anything you wish shop...

Moor Lane, Castlegate  Shopping in Clitheroe

wool shop, hat shop

knit and sew and tat shop

book shop, bling shop

strum and blow and sing shop

craft shop, phone shop

lighting for your home shop

record shop, dance shop Shopping in Clitheroe

charity your chance shop

beauty shop, party shop

paintings that are arty shop

dress shop shop flower shop

gym for muscle power shop


Castle Street, Market Place Shopping in Clitheroe

handy shop, treat shop

sausages and meat shop

specs shop, cake shop

medicines for aches shop

card shop, toys shop

little girls and boys shop

deli shop, health shop

managing your wealth shop


King Street

butcher shop, coffee shop

chocolate and toffee shop Shopping in Clitheroe

barber shop, wedding shop

flowers for vase and bedding shop

ironmonger, paint shop

everthing you want shop

clothes shop, telly shop 

walking boots and welly shop

travel shop, fashion shop Byrnes Wines Store, Clitheroe

wine is all your passion shop

sofa shop, chair shop

we can cut your hair shop


there may be just one reason why

you'd think to go elsewhere to buy:

the whole of this fine little town Clitheroe

is a hill, going upwards or down


but pausing a while on your walk,

and taking a moment to talk,

will give, as you'll quickly discover,

the requisite time to recover

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