Ribble Valley's Heritage

Situated within the stunning countryside of the Ribble Valley is a diverse magnitude of history. Visit Ribble Valley and discover the heritage contained within, ancient castles, atmospheric ruins, stunning architecture, picturesque market towns, and nostalgic storytelling.

Clitheroe Castle

Clitheroe Castle with over 800 years of historic history provides stunning views of Clitheroe town and the stunning Ribble Valley countryside. Offering the chance to climb onto the Castle Walls and to the top of the Castle Keep where you can be awe struck these spectacular views. Containing the award winning Clitheroe Castle Museum, in which there’s a year round program of themed activities for all ages. Using screens and computer technology, you’ll be taken on a journey through 350 million years of history, heritage and geology of the local area. 


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Whalley Abbey

In the tranquil grounds of Whalley Abbey atmospheric ruins of the large 14th century Cistercian abbey of Stanlow are revealed. Built between 1330 and 1380 with final completion of the lodgings and the infirmary completed in 1440 the abbey was adapted into an Elizabethan manor house in 1537. Through the offer of guided tours the opportunity awaits to discover more on this fascinating historical dwelling.

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Sawley Abbey

Dating even further back than Whalley, Sawley Abbey’s history can be traced back to 1147. A beautiful abbey founded by Cistercian monks from the local village the stunning backdrop of hills and countryside makes this a picturesque location. The historic story of this abbey is only known up until 1537 adding an element of mystique to the nostalgia.

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Stonyhurst College

One of the most stunning architectural sites in the north of England set in stunning parkland is Stonyhurst College. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes is among many famous ex-pupils of this Catholic boarding college. Most notable perhaps is the connection with JRR Tolkien, the literary genius renowned for his love of nature and wooded landscapes, who penned the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy. To this day stonyhurst is the world’s oldest continuous Jesuit School.

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At the heart of the Ribble Valley is the beautiful Market town of Clitheroe. The opportunity to experience the multitude of historical elements that the Ribble Valley has to offer can be discovered in Clitheroe. Surrounded by beautiful countryside hills which can be viewed from the castle Clitheroe contains beautiful ancient buildings, rich tradition and centuries of stories.

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Pendle Hill

In the south of the Ribble Valley the chance to uncover the 400 year old story of witchcraft is waiting to be discovered. The story of the ‘Pendle Witches’ originates from 1612 when ten people were executed for having witchcraft beliefs. From the magnificent Pendle Hill the chance awaits to journey back in time to when religious persecution was rife and people lived in wretched fear and poverty. Uncover the history contained within memories, hearsay and superstition.

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