Forest of Bowland

Designated as an Outstanding Area of Natural Beauty the Forest of Bowland is a unique and magical place in the Ribble Valley. The distinctive character and natural beauty of the area form some of the most distinctive and important landscapes in the United Kingdom. Every season brings into this area its own colours and atmosphere and it becomes possible to escape into the peace and tranquillity of these truly beautiful places year round.

The Forest of Bowland was designated as an AONB in 1964 and covers over 312 square miles of rural landscape. It is home to a wide range of flora and wildlife plus contains numerous historical and cultural associations. Much of the area is important for the breeding of upland birds and notable wildflower meadows and woodlands are present.


The role of people in the Forest of Bowland is also an important and attractive aspect for the area. This living landscape has been formed over centuries due to the close relationship between human activity and the land, from dry-stoned walls, hedgerows and barns, to open moors and grazed fields. The local food and drink produce is important for supporting the many farmers who manage the beautiful landscape and supporting the local economy.

The main importance for the Forest of Bowland, as a source of support for people’s livelihoods and enjoyment, and as a unique and protected landscape, is to remain a place to enjoy and keep social.

A full list of events can be found in the Festival Bowland programme.

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